Twitter Thread On Most Beautiful Cricket Fields Will Urge You To Take A Trip Just To Play Cricket

If you’re an Indian and a fan of cricket, this might not be the greatest of times for you. That’s because we’ve mucked up our trip to England by losing the Test and the ODI series miserably. So, do you need something to rekindle your love for cricket and motivate you to go play a match with your friends? Well, we have just the thing for you.

Twitter user Salman posted a series of photos of cricket fields with some of the beautiful backdrops I have laid my eyes upon. From mountainous fields to the concrete jungle, he had everything in store for cricket fans.

1. How can one keep their eye on the ball with that view?

2. These are quite exquisite as well.

3. Truly beautiful.

Cricketing fans from all over the cyberspace took it upon as a challenge and posted their favourite cricket fields.

1. From God’s own land.

2. Why don’t they hold all the matches here?

3. Sri Lanka never disappoints.

4. This is news to me.

5. Seconded.

6. This looks like a painting!

7. Perfection.

8. That’s a cute one.

9. A classic.

10. You can almost smell the fresh grass in these photos.

11. Can Deadpool and Wolverine join us for a game as well?

12. Alright, the competition’s over. So, if you’re done playing cricket in your gully and absolutely fed up of picking up the ball from the gutter, pack your bags and get to one of these places just to play a game or two. If you get tired, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the view.