Twitter Is Baffled By A Moschino Bag That Costs ₹86,000 & Looks Like A Loaf Of Bread

From selling ‘potato sack pants’ to jeans with fake grass stains at exorbitant prices, some luxury designer brands have zero chill.

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As per a report in Times Now, Italian brand Moschino is selling bags that look like loaves of French bread- baguette and croissant, as part of its new AW20 collection launched earlier this year.

moschino baguette bagmoschino croissant bag

The baguette bag, which comes with a gold-plated chain strap, costs a whopping $1,170 (Rs 86,098) and is described as a “maxi clutch in high-frequency printed baguette-shaped faux leather and gold plated plate Moschino Made In Heaven.”

The croissant bag costing £758 (Rs. 67,000 approx.), is described as a “clutch with chain and magnet closure in the shape of a croissant, high frequency printed and gold plated detail Moschino Label Made In Heaven”.

Twitter was left laughing at the “half-baked range” of bags that look straight out of the oven:

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The Italian luxury fashion house has also famously sold handbags that look like a cigarette lighter, a piece of birthday cake, and even a pizza box.

Moschino is known for its quirky bag designs (Credit: Moschino)


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