A Monkey Stole ₹ 10,000 From A Jewellery Store And No One Could Do Anything. So Much Swag!

Daylight robberies are not an unusual thing in India. Neither are monkeys doing all sorts of activities that a human would be thought of doing. But not this monkey. Nope. This monkey broke all human and animal stereotypes and did the unthinkable.

Yep. This monkey barged into a jewellery store, sat like a boss on the cashier’s chair, then simply opened the cash register, stole a wad of cash amounting to Rs. 10,000, then ran out with zero fucks to spare. A worker in the store tried to placate the monkey with a banana, and even tried to give chase, but it was all for a lost cause, as can be seen in this video by RT.

So, dear jewellers, where’s your God now?

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