Monkey Rides Miniature Bike, Grabs A Kid & Drags Her Down The Street, Watch Video

The coronavirus induced lockdown has given us ample amount of time, but if you have a stable internet connection, you can at least keep yourself entertained. And like many people, even I scroll through all the social media platforms multiple times in a day. And on my recent scrolling spree, I found a shocking video that left me with a lot of questions.

In the clip, a monkey riding a bike grabs a baby and drags her down the alley.

According to News 18, the monkey on a miniature bike approaches the bench where 3 kids were sitting. The leashed monkey then grabs on to a toddler and drags her down the lane, until a local comes to her rescue. Luckily, the animal leaves the toddler, and she immediately gets up and rushes back to her seat.

According to The Indian Express, the incident took place in Tanjungsari Village, Indonesia.

People online were startled by the incident. Some even commented that the animal was trying to kidnap the child.

People online also came up with several explanations for the animal’s bizarre act.

Although the video might seem funny to some, it shows how animals are kept in captivity and trained to perform stunts like riding a bike just for our amusement. I think people resorting to animal abuse just to earn a few bucks should be put behind bars. What do you think of this incident? Tell us.

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