Video Of Monkey Giving Head Massage To UP Cop While He Works Shows Perfect Harmony!

Time and again, monkeys have proved themselves to be efficient in performing human activities. From closing the water tap after drinking water from it, washing clothes literally better than a dhobi, to throwing plastic bottles inside the dustbin, our ancestors do a good job in reminding us how it’s done!

Adding to the list is a monkey who is reminding us that a stressful job can be made a little easier with a head massage! In a recent video that has been going viral, a monkey is seen giving a head massage to an Uttar Pradesh cop while he works.

The video was shared by the ADL Superintendent of UP Police and the incident took place in the police department of Pilbhit. Both the monkey and the cop are busy doing their own work without disturbing the other, in perfect harmony! Watch the video here:

Netizens just can’t believe their eyes! While some think that the money is looking for lice in the cop’s hair, some say that this is the perfect example of coexistence.

Considering the difficult lives that police officials have – unpredictable hours, brutal crimes, sleepless nights, it’s good to get a free head massage once in a while!