Monk Caught On Camera Stealing Women’s Underwear Kept Outside To Dry

There is something sacred and pious about holy men, that makes them revered among all. We look up to them for spiritual guidance and well being, considering that they have all left all worldly pleasures behind. Like a Greek, Orthodox Monk was said to have lived for 82 years of his life without ever laying eyes on a woman.

However, this story is something different.

Buddhist monk,  Theeraphap Worradilok, 49 was caught on CCTV stealing women’s underclothes which were hanging to dry on the clothes stand. He picked up both panties and bras and scurried off from the scene of the crime.

According to Daily Mail, the footage recorded shows him in the streets of Suphaburi, Thailand where he picked the underclothes up from. He slipped six pairs of drying underwear into his blue shoulder bag before leaving.

The incident came to light when the homeowner, Kittisak Khajornnetikhun, 40, discovered his wife and daughter’s underwear went missing one evening. When he checked the CCTV footage he was shocked to find a holy man being the culprit.

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He called the police, who launched a manhunt for the monk. His temple’s spiritual leaders then banished him from there.

Kittisak, who runs a gold shop in the area said that the underwear wasn’t worth too much and they could afford more though she did like one of the pairs that were stolen. He stressed on the fact that other women should be warned about this. He said,

“The most important thing is that other women should be warned about the monk. That’s why we have reported it. It’s quite funny and we’re not shaken up by it so we don’t want to make a fuss. But it’s the right thing that he is caught for this.”

Officers interviewed the people in the temple and asked about the culprit, however, he had already been banished. They said that the monk claimed that he had recently stopped taking prescription medicine which had made him behave strangely.

Police Colonel Phuwadit Khongpet, who is in charge of tracking down the rogue holy man, said,

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“It’s a fact the man in the video was a monk. He is originally from Nakhon Nayok province. We have interviewed the abbot at the temple who said the monk might have been confused because he had stopped taking medication.”

He also added that the monk had tarnished the temple’s reputation and that officers will be continuing the investigation, find the monk and charge him with theft according to law.

Watch the video here:

The world really never fails to shock me, a monk stealing bras and panties, what!?