Guy Gets A Job, Asks How Much He Should Save For His Sister’s Wedding, Desis Respond

In most Indian families, a girl’s marriage is considered to be a big deal. Many parents begin to save money from the time a girl is born. On top of that, films and celebrities have normalised the idea of a big fat Indian wedding.

One guy recently took to Reddit to ask how much money he should save for his elder sister’s wedding. With his father no more, he just landed himself a job.

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“I’m a middle-class guy and just got my first job. My father is no more. How much money should I save for my elder sister’s marriage?” he asked.

Have a look at his post here:

How much money to save for sister’s marriage? from india

While there were some people who asked him to save at least a few lakhs, many others emphasized the need to invest in his sister’s education and work towards making her financially independent.

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While some suggested he pay for a useful course she could take to land herself a job, some others suggested investing the money in her name.

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Some also suggested a registry marriage instead of a lavish one.

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It is heartwarming to see people pushing for a woman’s financial independence more than her marriage!

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