12 Traits Of Indian Moms That Prove They Are Best At Bargaining

Be it your padosi wale Chintu ki mummy or your mom herself, I think it is safe to say that all Indian moms are the best bargainers in the whole world!

So much so that if given a chance, they can even convince the Queen of England to hand over the Koh-i-Noor at a good bargain that will be profitable to us. Damn, we really should think of using their talent in getting our very own Mountain of Light back.

While sure, it is a well-known fact that they love bargaining and are pros at it, there’s no harm in celebrating their talent, is it?

So here goes, the common traits of Indian moms that make them master bargainers!

1. Be it the MRP of cars or the value of half a lemon, everything is negotiable for them!

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2. And when the shopkeeper refuses to reduce the price, they will show him the defects that are invisible to regular human eyes



3. The angel and the devil unite in shock every time when after negotiating thoroughly, they walk out of the shop empty-handed

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4. They know the best of tricks and ‘sweet bargaining’ is the most used tool, because…

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…how else will they be able to establish a fruitful shopper-shopkeeper relationship without the power of words…

“Kya bhaiya, main toh aapki regular customer hu na”

After which, the Bhaiya melts down, and the game is won with the oh sweet oh…

“Haanji, aapko humne kabhi mana kiya hai kya?”


5. They are the best market researchers you will ever find!

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Be it a nukkad ki shop in Lajpat Nagar, or a Tanishq showroom, they will usually know the price of everything sold at every place!


6. They love to compare their purchases with those of other women to see if they won a fair deal or not

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7. And the high of a successful bargain is otherworldly!

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*Buys stiletto shoes for the cost of 2 packets of Cello pens*
*Achieves life purpose*


8. They have a knack for setting those right who cheat us by selling objects at exceedingly high prices than the original MRP

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9. But some other times, they just want to save 2 rupees from each vegetable purchase to become proud owners of the dress they had been eyeing

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10. You can easily spot them giggling when they see foreigners getting looted by Indian shopkeepers

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11. Their aura is so strong that when their gang starts to approach a store, shopkeepers smell fear and start to run around in a mayhem!

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12. And yes, of course, time is never money for them

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They spend hours looking for the perfect shade,

make Chotu run to the factory to get it for them,

compel the shopkeeper to sell the product at less than half a price!

and then…


they hurl taunts and walk out!

and the shopkeeper?

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He gets busy wiping out his tears with the same cloth that Chotu got from the factory!

There is something about Indian moms. It is not the purchases that satisfy them, it is the span of time that they spend nagging and yelling in bargaining for the purchase that soothes them to their very soul.

But hey, they are rockstars nonetheless. They are homemakers who have budgets to keep and stomachs to feed, and who else other than Indian moms can have a better expertise over this.

We love you, moms!  🙂

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