Desis Online Talk About How Their Moms Call Relationships ‘Affairs’ & Make It Sound Wrong

The entire language that Indian moms use is very different from how regular people talk. They have a tendency to exaggerate every little thing. God forbid if you skip eating lunch at home or don’t finish your tiffin, your mom would even things out with, “Jab mein marr jaungi tab pata chalega.”

A user on Twitter gave the perfect example of Indian-mom lingo – how instead of ‘relationships’, they say ‘affair’. When we talk about an ‘affair’, it usually means someone is already in a relationship and is cheating on their partner by having an ‘affair’ with someone else. It has scandalous undertones, unlike the words ‘relationship’ or ‘dating’.

A lot of people resonated with this as their moms also talk in a similar fashion. They revealed how their moms react when they get to know that their kids are dating. Many will start fearing for their family’s reputation and will think that their kids have broken their trust.

Here’s a look at some of the hilarious reactions:

Does your mom do the same?

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