Only True Foodies Can Score 10/10 In This Ultimate Momo Quiz!

Momos are one of those food items that nobody can say no to. Thanks to its varieties – starting from the typical Tibetan momos to desi versions of it – there is something for everybody! So, if you can gorge on momos any time of the day, guess the type of momos in the pictures below:

1. This one might be basic, but it's everyones favourite!

2. Sometimes they add a spicy sauce to this too.

3. Momos but with a North-Indian twist!

4. These momos come in a bed of delicious gravy.

5. Some people find this combination delicious.

6. Looks like a big ball of cotton!

7. A signature Nepalese dish.

8. The not-so-secret ingredient gives the outer covering a nice kick.

9. This one is easy!

10. And finally, what is this popularly called?

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