Mom Asks If Solar Eclipse Could Be Rescheduled And The Internet Just Can’t Stop Laughing

Well, moms are moms. For them, priorities are their kids and their routines and their whole lives revolve around that. It may happen that things slip their minds or they have their re-defined focus or may have a verbal faux-pas.

While the world is prepping for the solar eclipse that is happening on August 21, USA is excited more than others. It is going to be a total eclipse for the U.S. residents, and people are planning on having parties and arranging for a lot of activities. So, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas is holding a party on the same day.

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But, one mom realised that it is also the day her kids go back to school. So, she had a request.


She asked if solar eclipse could be rescheduled. Fellow netizens couldn’t let it go and started cracking jokes.


Some took it to another level.


Some couldn’t believe her request. And, some had similar requests.

Though she deleted her comment, people were quick enough to take screenshots and have a laugh over it.

That was a total ‘Oh mom!’ moment.

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