Mom Or Baby? Women Suggest Who Should Be Chosen To Live In Case Of Childbirth Complication

Even though pregnancy and childbirth are magical, the complications associated with them can be traumatizing and fatal in some cases. The long hours of labor are the most stressful for the mom and her family. In extreme cases, it’s either the mom or the baby.

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In such situations, the family, mainly the partner of the female going through labor, has to take the most difficult call of their life.

Aware of this, someone on Reddit asked women who they think their partner should prefer choosing during such a medical emergency.

Would you prefer your partner to choose you or the baby if there is a childbirth complication or some other medical emergency? Why? from AskWomen

The user also asked women to back their choice with solid reasons. Here’s what women online said in response to her query:

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A mom, by law, in Canada.

Seems like a lot of women have already had this conversation with their partners and they unanimously vote to choose the mom reasoning that they can make another baby or raise an adopted one together. Sounds pretty convincing to me. What do you think?

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