Man Suggests Bringing Moms On Salary Negotiation Calls, Desis Buy The Idea

Even at this age, I turn to my parents for suggestions. Either they tell me a way out or treat me to yummy food knowing that it will make me less anxious. In any case, they prove to be helpful be it a work interview or a social dilemma.

This techie also thinks that taking moms to salary negotiations can be a game-changer. Taking to social media, Nitesh Yadav enquired if he can bring mommy along during the negotiations with HR as she can crack a better deal than him.

Well, I definitely would want to witness the conversation with my Punjabi mom and HR. Her bargaining skills at the sabji mandi would be put to good use.

People online also thought it was worth giving a shot. They also came up with hilarious explanations of how the negotiation call would go.

People on LinkedIn had this to say:

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