Mom Shares Story Of Supportive Padosi Who Decided To ‘Adjust’ To Her Loud Kids

The saying ‘Thou shall love thy neighbour as thyself’ becomes very hard to stick by when you have neighbours who go out of their way to make your life miserable. From poking their nose on your business to complaining unnecessarily, I wish sometimes pados wali aunties could just chill.

However, one woman recently took to Twitter to narrate how her neighbour was incredibly understanding and supportive when her two kids were being too loud because they weren’t used to their new apartment yet.

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“My neighbour complained about my kids being too loud. I bought her flowers and a card telling they aren’t used to living in an apartment yet. She left me some alphabet cookies with a sweet card saying we will adjust together,” she wrote.

Have a look at her tweets here:

Here’s a look at the note and the cookies!

As her tweets went viral, people online shared their personal experiences dealing with neighbours who were difficult instead of being supportive in similar situations.

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Some complained their neighbours called the cops on them when their kids were being loud. Imagine!

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Some others highlighted how it takes a village to bring up a child and that neighbours should be more understanding.

Do you have such caring neighbours? Tell us!

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