Mom Of 7 Gets Mistaken As A Sister Of Her Kids And We Cannot Handle This Sorcery

You might’ve heard a lot of times that reality is stranger than fiction. Fiction tells you there’s something called as the Fountain of Youth that grants you eternal youth and beauty. And we all know that in reality, there’s no such thing. Or is there?

Take a look at this picture below and try to guess the ages of the lovely ladies in it. I can tell you they’re related, so maybe try and guess how they’re related too.

Done? I assume you ballparked their age somewhere in the vicinity of early 20s, and with their facial similarities, you might’ve pegged them to be sisters, amirite?

Now what if I told you that one of these girls is actually a mother of seven kids, and the other two lovely ladies are her daughters. Mind = blown?

Meet Jessica Enslow, a beautiful 43-year-old mother of seven, yes seven, kids from Utah, United States, who can give any 23-year-old a run for her money!

I made it in bright & early to the gym yesterday 🌄 & just did an hour of low intensity cardio. First off, I’ve decided Mondays will just always be cardio days since the gym is beyond packed early in the morning 😩 & I’m never in the mood to wander around figuring out what I can use & then waste a half hour looking like a lost 🐶 just to end up grabbing some dumbbells🙄. I’m sometimes even lucky if I can get a cardio machine that I want. 😒 Also, I was feeling a bit low on energy & now I know why. I’ve finally caught a mild tummy bug from my little girl, who has been not feeling well the past couple of days. I decided to get a little extra sleep this morning & continue prepping my house for Thanksgiving 🦃🥧🍽 I’m just going to play things by ear based on listening to what my body needs. Besides, your body’s metabolism increases when you get sick as it works to overcome the illness. Luckily, it is super mild & I can still function pretty well. Just slowing down a little 🐢😉 • • • • • #transformationtuesday #positivemood #fitfluential #bestlifeproject #justdoit #fitnessforlife #getfit #training #activeliving #iwill #staypositive #youcandoit #sweatpink #werunsocial #beachbody #fitnessgirl #thesweatlife #powerofshe #fitnesslifestyle #fitnesslover #dreambig #pursuewhatislovely #glitterguide #flashesofdelight #postitfortheaesthetic #hairgoals #petitejoys #livethelittlethings #myunicornlife #brunette

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Yes, I know you cannot believe your eyes. But folks, it is no photoshop or sorcery at work here. It is actually quite legit. Jessica is a hardcore fitness freak and her efforts have born fruit in that she looks something like this:

I mean, look at this picture, will ya? And tell me, if you had no context, would you be able to figure out for sure who was it that was turning 23 here?

Here Jessica is again, with two of her daughters, and she could pretty much pass off as their elder sister!

Not to mention, she’s got the style quotient on point, and pulls off the latest trends like nobody’s business! She’s got some gorgeous pictures on her Instagram to prove it!

So, the other day my daughter, @laurenenslow told me I was #boujee & I asked her, “What is boujee?” She said, “Never mind, I take that back. If you don’t know what that means then you’re not boujee” She and @alyssa_kimber laughed. I didn’t know whether to be offended or not 🤷🏻‍♀️ but I’m really happy they said they were buying me an Urban Dictionary for Christmas 🎄💁🏻😂 #happyfriday #momlife #autumnleaves #fitspiration #fitlife #fitnessmotivation #workoutmotivation #gymmotivation #bestlifeproject #justdoit #positivemood #workoutday #fitnessgoals #beachbody #sweatpink #powerofshe #beatyesterday #fitnessgirl #fitnesslover #workouttime #fitnesslifestyle #thesweatlife #activeliving #styleoftheday #wardrobe #ootd #fashionblogger #fbloggers #styling

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Of course, all this is not without some sweat and toil. Jessica prides herself in being a fit mom and most of the photos and videos she shares have oodles of fitness motivation too!

Still pretty much only getting in two workouts a week on average for the last 6-7 months. {Not my goal, but luckily, I’ve been able to maintain progress with the help of a daily scoop of my HERS Pink Burst #preworkout 🙌🏼 every morning with breakfast 🍳😋💗💦 Link & discount code in bio}. The past 2 weeks I’ve had sick kiddos 😷🤒🤮 and not felt completely fantastic myself, but here’s a typical back workout for me currently! 3 X 6-8 Wide grip assisted pull-ups 3 X 6-8 Close grip assisted pull-ups 3 X 6-10 double arm seated cable rows 3 X 10-12 single arm seated cable rows I usually tack on one or two booty or ab exercises at the end of an upper body workout & 20 mins #hiit + 10-40 minutes low intensity #cardio depending on how I feel & the time I have to do it! When I only have 2 days to workout in a week I focus one of them on a #legday and the other I alternate weeks with shoulders/bi’s & tri’s and then #backday the next week. Hope you’re all starting off to a great 2018! ♥️🎉💫 #backworkout #jessicaenslowworkout

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But here’s the really amazing thing. Her husband seems to be cheating age too!

Don’t they look like a young couple with toddlers are opposed to a parents of seven, some of them grown up, kids?

In fact, if you look at their family portrait, you’ll realise that this is one family with some really good-looking genes in the bag!

If you ask me, they don’t look like parents here, rather like a bunch of cousins!

Jessica has been posting a lot of throwback pictures lately, that showcase how clearly she has changed herself over 20 years and 7 pregnancies and the contrast is astonishing!

Can you imagine what religious gymming and looking after your health can get you? Well, check out Jessica’s transformation and you’ll know!

1. She looks more youthful at 23 and a mom of seven than she did when she was 20 and a mom of 1!

My #transformation has been a lot more than just physical the past 23 years. The girl on the left was so excited to be a mother, but had no idea what lied ahead. My kids were definitely the highs in my life for many years, but the lows got pretty low. There were many days & years I thought I was in a living hell I would never escape. Low self-esteem & fear kept me in my place. Nursing school forced me out of it. I had to extend myself to others daily when I was pretty much an introvert at the time. Getting out in the workforce taught me that I could care for myself & kids if I needed to. I learned to believe in myself & found the confidence to change things, and by so doing, found a lot more happiness & peace. 😌 Life isn’t all roses now for me, but the girl on the right has learned when we take care of ourselves physically, emotionally, spiritually and make sure we are in healthy relationships, wonders can take place. I dreaded getting older throughout my life, but not anymore. I love that I know my worth & am surrounded by the most amazing people. Know YOUR worth! Love yourself! Take care of yourself! For it is only then that you’re able to help others ♥️ • • • • • • • #transformationtuesday #fatloss #fitnessjourney #fitmums #fitmamas #fitmoms #transformations #weightlosstips #trainlikeagirl #loveyourselfmore #weighttraining #cardio #abworkout #armworkout #fitspo #utahfitfam #utah #utahfitness #howtoloseweight #antiaging #timeless #countingmacros #momswholift #momlife #eternallove #beachbody #bikinibody #bikiniprep #girlsgonesporty

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2. That gorgeous figure is unbelievable, isn’t it?

The ship has sailed ⛵️ on a 2018 New Year’s post for me, 🤷🏻‍♀️ but I’ll spare you my year in review, as I’m sure we’ve all seen at least 200-300 years worth of people’s lives in the past few days! 😂 And so here we find ourselves on a #transformationtuesday & yes, I know I’m 9 months pregnant & in labor with @codyenslow on the left, but as I’ve said before, anyone who thinks pregnancy transformations don’t count probably has never given birth! Not only do you often gain some extra fat, but a woman’s uterus stretches to 500 times it’s normal size, and then returns to its normal size within about a month! Yes, our bodies are so resilient, especially when we take care of them. I’ve realized that if you find something you love, you’re more likely to stick with it! I now know I pretty much hate plyometrics & running, but I love #weighttraining & #cardio on the elliptical. I’m done following the trends & fads that come & go. Thanks to @shaneheugly I know that any form of cardio will work & luckily for me, weight lifting will help sculpt & shape your physique nicely. 👌🏼 Here’s to achieving our goals in 2018! Happy New Year friends! 🎉♥️ • • • • • • #fatloss #fitnessjourney #fitmums #fitmamas #fitmoms #transformations #weightlosstips #trainlikeagirl #loveyourselfmore #abworkout #armworkout #fitspo #utahfitfam #utah #utahfitness #howtoloseweight #antiaging #postpartum #countingmacros #momswholift #momlife #pregnantlife #beachbody #bikinibody #glowup #bodyafterbaby #girlsgonesporty

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3. Wonder how many hours at the gym can take you from that pregnancy weight to this fit glamazon?

1. Do I have stretchmarks? Yes, a few on my hips, none on my stomach. 2. Have I had a tummy tuck or any surgery to fix loose skin or my belly in any way? Nope! 3. How long does it take to for your belly to go back to “normal”? This depends on your genetics, diet and exercise regimen. It even differed for me with each pregnancy, but I never felt “back to normal” physically or emotionally until at least a year after giving birth. Obviously, stretch marks and loose skin depends on genetic factors or if you end up having twins, etc. 4. Did I give birth to all of my 7 kids? Yes, each singleton births. Four from my first marriage, 3 from my current marriage. 5. Am I overpopulating the earth? Only with the best of the best! 👌🏼😂👶🏼👦🏼👧🏼👱🏼‍♀️👶🏻👩🏻👦🏻 #sorryboutit #notsorry ***Also, I have only made it to the gym once the past two weeks and about twice a week before that for 4 months and all I can say is my @warriorfuel_supps HERS preworkout has worked wonders to keep my appetite control and metabolism up! If you’d like to try some, use code: jessicafit for a discount! 😘♥️ Happy weekend friends!!!

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4. I see them abs! Do ya?

LEFT: NUTELLA EVERY DAY & RANDOM PINTEREST WORKOUTS😒😞|| MIDDLE: COUNTING MACROS & WEIGHTS + CARDIO 5-6x/week😖🤪|| RIGHT: INTUITIVE EATING & WEIGHTS + CARDIO 2-4x/week😊😌 I will forever be grateful that I chose to hire a fitness coach, who was prepping me to compete. It taught me just how much work and dedication it takes to get super lean and fit, and the gist of how to balance eating with exercise, but after 4 months I ran out of steam💨…physically & emotionally. It just wasn’t right for me at the time. I worried I’d regret taking a step back, but in all honesty, I have no regrets. My house is cleaner, my kids are happier & I feel a lot more energy & balance in my life. I don’t judge people who can hack it. But I’m not ashamed for changing my course. The way I eat and exercise now is easy to maintain. Am I as lean as I used to be? Nope. But with the help of my @warriorfuel_supps HERS #preworkout {Code: jessicafit} I take almost every day whether I workout or not, I am able to stay fairly lean and still maintain my sense of peace & sanity. There is a season & time for everything. Do what works best for YOU! I’d love to get to the gym strictly 5 days a week, and I hope to be able to maintain that schedule, but if it doesn’t happen? I’m OVER the guilt & feelings of failure! There’s so much more to life than a chiseled body! Happy weekend lovelies! 😘♥️ • • • • #fbf #flashbackfriday #fitness #getfit #strongnotskinny #workoutmotivation #fitspo #iworkout #transformations #gymmotivation #beachbody #fatlossjourney #fitnessaddict #fitnesslifestyle #fitnesswomen #sweatpink #macrocounting #macros #intuitiveeating #balance #progresspics #trainlikeagirl #fitmoms #fitmums #fitover40 #fitmom #abworkout #momswholift #momswithmuscles

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Well, ladies, if you needed any more fitness motivation to stick to your new year resolution, be sure to take tips from this hot mama of seven. Because, as you can clearly see, it is damn well possible to beat ageing!