Son’s Tweet Shows Overprotective Mom Calling From Dad’s Phone, Twitter Asks, “Are We Related?”

Let’s face it, Indian parents take parenting to a whole new level. They have their weird ways of expressing their love and affection towards you and it doesn’t matter if you are four or twenty-four, they do all kinds of PDA and cover it up with, “Tum hamarey liye hamesha bachey hi rahogey.” But looks like moms are the same in every continent. She can keep calling you for hours (without giving us a breather to call her back) and not answering her call in the first attempt has its own consequences.

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She has her own ways of checking on you, even if it means calling from your dad’s number. Well, this twitter user has pointed this out quite appropriately. He shared screenshots of his call log with ten missed calls from his mom’s phone. There were then 10 subsequent missed calls from his father’s cell phone. However, the son then guessed it was probably not his dad, but his mom calling from his dad’s cell phone and we feel him too.

People on the internet unanimously agreed that it’s every mother ever.

We know how overprotective a mother can be. And when we fail to receive her calls, her maternal instincts go into overdrive jumping to the worst conclusions (all the while you’re probably just taking a good nap while she calls you a million times). Well, mums and their weird ways of loving us are just too cute sometimes, aren’t they?