Mohd Shami’s Wife Leaks Phone Call Where He Admits To Have Met The Girl

The Mohammad Shami controversy is becoming uglier day by day. With his wife Hasin Jahan alleging that he was having multiple affairs, and was torturing her every day for the past two years, people have started speculating whether he is actually guilty.

She also shared his chat screenshots and gave multiple interviews to the media, alleging that Shami never gave her the respect, that a husband gives his wife. He then talked to the media and said that his wife was mentally unstable and that it was a conspiracy to spoil his game.

A lot of people believed that Shami was guilty while others gave him the benefit of the doubt. ABP News has now released new footage of a phone call between Shami and his wife where she is heard questioning him about the allegations.

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In the phone call, Shami can be heard dodging questions and giving half-baked answers to them. When she asks him about the girl, he gets offended and tells her not to talk about such things. He even admits to meeting the girl but says it was because he had to take money from her.

You can listen to the entire conversation in this video:

Not only that, ABP News has also claimed that Shami refused to answer their questions when they asked him whether he had talked to the alleged “Pakistani girl”. He maintains a staunch silence and walks away soon after.

Hasin has even alleged that Shami is involved in match-fixing and said that if he can cheat me, he can cheat the country as well.

Do you think Shami is guilty of the allegations made against him by his wife? Or is this an elaborate ploy to spoil his name? Let us know.