Mohammed Shami Faces Hate On Social Media Post India’s Loss, But Fans Defend Him

Last night’s India vs Pakistan cricket match had bittersweet moments. Bitter because team India lost; sweet because Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni congratulated Pakistan cricketers on their win, reminding us of the spirit of cricket.

However, Indian bowler Mohammed Shami has been on the receiving end of immense hate on social media.

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Several people raided his Instagram comment section and hurled abuses at him. Screenshots of the comment section are being circulated online. Have a look:

On the brighter side, many Indians showered their support on Shami and slammed those abusing him. Some even addressed the Indian Cricket Team, asking them to raise their voice in support of Shami.

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It is downright disappointing to see people abusing Mohammed Shami, a bright Indian cricketer, for absolutely no fault of his own.

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