Modi, Trudeau And Trump Trippling In Manila Has Turned Twitter Into A Shaadi Wala Ghar!

This time PM Narendra Modi along with other global leaders arrived for the 50th ASEAN summit. It was a conference studded with political gems from all over the world. Including US President, Donald Trump, Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe and the PM of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

And what’s more, all the leaders wore Barong Tagalong, an embroidered shirt which is also the national dress of the Philippines. The matching outfits were tweeted by our very own internet savvy Namo captioning it,

“Interacting with world leaders in Manila.”

However, Twitter had its own take on the matter. True to themselves, they took the hilarious route and had the best one-liners in response.

 1. When your America wala friend comes back.

2. Sir, can’t control!

3. ROFL!

4. Deal? Deal.

5. Don’t mess up guys!

6. *Baigod!*

7. Baraati hai!

8. World tour abhi baaki hai!

9. When in doubt quote SRK!

10. “Don’t worry bro!”

11. Designated driver.

12. “Anybody?”

13. Bhai! Bhai!

14. “Mitronnn!”

Another picture from the meet went viral. In it, PM Modi is wearing his patent Nehru jacket and kurta pajama while the other leaders are all dressed in black suits. Twitter couldn’t help but crack a joke or two on it and we’re taking part in the giggle.

1. LOL!

2. Oops!

3. The sad truth.

4. Hahahaha!

5. Every Indian wedding tho!

Modi and his outfits are surely making the internet a funnier place today. And we are not complainig!