This Kanpur Couple Called Off Their Wedding Because Of A Fight Over PM Modi. WTF!

As much as India is a country rich in culture and diversity, it doesn’t have it’s own diversity of WTF moments. And people get touchy about anything and everything. So much so that they’d call off their marriage with someone.

That is exactly what happened with a businessman and his to-be Government employee wife, both from Kanpur.

While deciding the payment arrangements of the marriage, the couple had a heated debate about the economic state of the country.

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The woman blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the poor economic condition of the country. The man thought otherwise, as he was a huge Modi supporter.

It all went downhill from there.


Apparently, the argument got so heated that they decided to call their marriage off and notify their respective families about the same.

Turns out you can’t agree to everything, and you never know which disagreements will cost you your marriage.

News source: The Times of India
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