Hilarious Memes & Jokes Flood Social Media After PM Modi’s Reality Debut On Man Vs Wild!

You gotta be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s stint on Bear Gryll’s show Man Vs Wild. Ever since the promo of the special episode hit the internet, the entire nation had been eagerly waiting to witness the ‘wild side’ of Modi Ji!

PM’s adventurous trial which was shot in Jim Corbett national park made its way to the TV screens on August 12. Modi was seen taking a boat ride and making spears on the jungle survival program alongside TV host Bear Grylls. He also shared some interesting stories and past experiences of his life on the show.

Some of his statements on the show naturally inspired memes and jokes which flooded the social media in no time! And, they are LIT AF!

While some could not get over Modi’s “Main bahut gareeb tha” dialogue, others struggled hard to find wildlife in the entire episode!

Have you watched the episode yet?

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