Modi Govt Will Give ₹2.5 Lakh For Marrying A Dalit But Twitter Doesn’t Seem To Approve

India prides itself on the diversity of cultures that co-exist within. However, history is proof of the discrimination that the caste and class system brings about. Dalits, Scheduled Class and low-income class of people are inflicted with severe biases and are deprived of many social rights which come under the human rights category.

Although the situation has changed considerably since independence, the Dalits in rural and urban-rural areas are still not free of atrocities and constant struggle to seek equality. So much so that inter-caste marriage is still looked down upon and honour killing incidents still take place.

In lieu of this, the Centre recently announced a scheme offering an incentive of 2.5 lakh rupees for the couple getting married, where one partner is a Dalit. The aim of bringing about this scheme is to promote inter-caste marriage and for the upliftment of the Dalits.

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It wasn’t long before the Twitterati reacted to this revised scheme and voiced their opinions.

1. Discontent over the lack of new schemes

2. Concerns about the success of the marriage.

3. A suggestion to first focus on education.

4. Yes, this one is a revised scheme.

5. A suggestion to categorise it differently.

6. Is it all just politics?

Whether the scheme is introduced with a well-meaning intention or just for the sake of politics, we cannot decide. But the public surely doesn’t seem happy with the revision of this existing scheme.