PM Modi Was Once Asked To Join Congress And His Response Totally Takes The Cake!

PM Modi has been one of the most popular Prime Ministers the country has had in a very long time. The decisive leader became an icon for the nation after his party, the BJP, won with a clear majority in the 2014 elections, bringing the scam-infested reign of the Congress party to a grinding halt. However, did you know that PM Modi was once invited to be a part of the Congress party?

This video, uploaded by The Viral VDeos, has recently been going viral across social media. We see Jairam Ramesh, a prominent economist and a member of Parliament asking Narendra Modi if he would like to leave the BJP for Congress.¬†While the invitation does seem like a backhanded insult, PM Modi still decides to deliver an epic response that, in my opinion, really deserves the ‘thug life’ music added to it in the background. Check it out!