Desis Imagine What Would ‘Modern Love’ Look Like If It Was Based In Other Indian Cities

‘Modern Love: Mumbai’ is a collection of 6 incredible stories of human relationships and characters finding their way around them. From romantic to platonic, sexual to self-love, all of these stories capture different kinds of relationships but they have one thing in common – they are all set in Mumbai. Mumbai’s history, politics and romanticism play a pivotal role in shaping each of these stories.

Hence, many people online couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if ‘Modern Love’ was set in other Indian cities.

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Take for example, Nagpur. Here’s what ‘Modern Love: Nagpur’ might look like:

And here’s ‘Modern Love: Delhi’, where metro stations, Chandni Chowk and its Mughal architecture play a key role.

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Similarly, in Bangalore, love stories would bloom in Blossom book store followed by walks in Cubbon park and a drink at a local brewery.

Sorry, Gurgaon. You’re too hot. (no pun intended)

What ‘Modern Love: Ahmedabad’ would look like.

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Ah, Kolkata! Walks around Victoria Memorial, street food at Esplanade, Coffee House’er adda, and watching the river at Babughat.

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Pune! *cries internally*

Hyderabad is just biriyani dates!

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Goa’s level of relatability is hurting.

Isn’t it amazing how every city and its love stories are so unique? 🙂

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