10 Things That Make You Feel Glad About Having A Modern Family


Going back home to your family is one of the best feelings ever. You simply can’t wait to tell them about all your latest happenings. It is easy to share things with them, because you are sure they won’t misunderstand you.

Here are the things that make you feel glad to have a modern family.

1. They know all your whereabouts

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You just don’t know how to lie, coz you have always been honest about the things you are doing.


 2. They are on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Skype

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If you ever have to contact them, you have multiple options to get through them.


3. They know the long list of people you dated

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When you tell them about your current relationship status, they just LOL!


 4. You don’t care what day it is before eating non-veg

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Your family eats what they want to eat, when they want to eat. So, why think about the day?


 5. They look up for recipes on google and youtube

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You just go like thank god for YouTube and Google, I get to eat some delicious food.


 6. People ask you whether your family is cool with you getting a tattoo

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My family members too have tattoos on them, of course they are cool!


 7. They accept the fact that times are changing

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You never have to face problems like, “My family doesn’t accept this, I can’t do this”.


8. They are open about their feelings

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An intervention fixes problems peacefully. No K-serial like drama happens at home.


 9. They try to learn or understand about your field of work

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That way they have more topics to discuss about with you also, they understand the efforts you put in your work and appreciate you for the same.


 10. The biggest strength of a modern family is respecting individuality

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The best part is you are comfortable being your true self around your family, and they are cool with it.

No matter what kind of family yours is, to have a family is to have a world of your own in them. Respect it, love it, that is one thing that is truly yours, own it!

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