23 Dark Illustrations That Reveal The Cold, Hard Truth About Modern Life

Modern day and life, easy going in so many ways, has its own downsides. The sad part is that we are so enamored by the twinkling lights, technology and everything else that we refuse to see the dark side of things.

Davide Bonazzi is an illustrator from Bologna, Italy creates illustrations on modern life that’ll make you think. And you’ll definitely have to look at them twice to understand the complete meaning.

1. All love matters.

2. Where did everything go?

3. #BeachBum

On the beach. #summer #summertime #holiday #sun #beach #relax #illustration

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4. School or lock up?

5. Smash the boundaries.

6. Stalks, they better be going up.

7. People are always there to stand in the way of your success.

8. Buying a home, that’s the biggest dream.

9. Fly away.

10. It’s a rattrap.

11. Where is the heart of the city?

12. Thinking about the fruits.

13. Global warming is real.

Melting! #illustration #conceptual #summer #hot #popsicle #picame #davidebonazzi

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14. The butterfly effect.

15. The playing field isn’t equal.

Illustration for Korn Ferry Institute about gender inequality

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16. Digital footprints.

17. It’s an obsession.

18. Everything is available with just a click.

19. Speak up! Now.

Make your voice heard! #womensmarch #womensday #lottomarzo #8march2017

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20. Bombing for peace, applause!

21. Filter your content.

22. Don’t be afraid to be your true self.

23. Cupid knows where to strike.

These comics are providing a mirror to society, it’s time we peer into it and acknowledge what we’ve become. What’s the future otherwise?