Desi Twitter Slams Comedian Atul Khatri For His Insensitive Tweet Mocking Afghanistan

Celebrities have often attracted public ire for making some tone deaf statements in unfortunate situations. This time it is Indian ‘comedian’ Atul Khatri who mocked Taliban’s gruesome takeover of Afghanistan and the terror it brings.

Money Control reports that the Taliban officially changed the name of Afghanistan to the ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’. In the interim, a tweet by Khatri earned the ire of people online. Here’s a screengrab of his now-deleted tweet-

Image Source

Twitter reacted strongly to his tweet and called him out for being insensitive. Here’s what people had to say-

While Khatri’s pun wasn’t remotely funny, disturbing visuals have taken over Twitter showing the plight of thousands try to flee Kabul after its takeover by the Taliban.

Our prayers remain with the people of Afghanistan in these times of terror.

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