Winners Of The Mobile Photography Awards 2016 Will Leave You Entirely Awestruck

Mobile phone cameras of today deliver picture quality almost in line with high-end professional cameras. A decade ago, such a thing was unheard of. Phone cameras delivered grainy, pixilated pictures, which simply could not compete with those taken from a DSLR. However, that’s changed.

While some people don’t seem too happy comparing pictures taken on a mobile phone to those taken on high-end equipment, others have decided to embrace it. They acknowledge that there are instances when a cell phone camera can capture images which may be impossible to with bulky equipment.

The results of the ‘mobile photography awards 2016’ have just been declared and here are the winning entries:

1. “Peshmerga Soldier | Sinjar, Iraq” by Giles Clarke. Winner, MPA Photographer of the Year.


2. “Novice is Thinking Something” by Zarni Myo Win. Winner, Portraits.


3. “The Hive. London” by Jennifer Thomas. Winner, Architecture & Design.


4. “VW Life” by Katrina Stewart. Winner, Transportation.


5. “Born to be Wild” by Margarita Iskandarova. Winner, Nature & Wildlife.


6. “Handstand” by Suzanne Engelberg. Winner, Street Photography.


7. “Winston & Ben” by Richard Chambury. Winner, Silhouettes.


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8. “Flutter By” by Glenn Homann. Winner, People.


9. “Fausta” by Helen Breznik. Winner, Self-Portraits.


10. “Good Morning to the Night” by Christine O’Brien. Winner, Digital Fine Art.


11. “Castaway” by Mariko Klug. Winner, Landscapes.


12. “Look Down Angel” by José-Luis Sáez. Winner, Black & White.


13. “Leaf Creeper” by Geoff Cunningham. Winner, Macro & Details.


14. “Climbing the Waterfall” by Sam Burton. Winner, Water/Snow/Ice.

Can’t believe all of them have been taken on mere cell phones! Makes you realise the kind of strides we’ve made in technology. Today, we simply assume our phones will take magnificent pictures; but just about a decade ago, that was unheard of!

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