Mizoram MLA Goes Beyond Duty, Helps Pregnant Woman Deliver Baby & Saves Her Life


If there’s one thing that the pandemic has taught us it is to stand by people who are in need, to use our own privilege to protect others. These tough times call for people to be kind and empathetic towards our fellow citizens and to sometimes go beyond duty to help them.

A stunning example of this is the story of Mizoram MLA ZR Thiamsanga who while visiting the remote areas of Champhai district to access the pandemic situation ended up performing surgery on a woman and delivered her baby.

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According to Times Now, Thiamsanga is a doctor by profession and specialises in obstetrics and gynaecology. When emergency situations arise, he offers medical help to people in rural areas.

In this case, the 38-year-old woman’s doctor was on leave due to health issues and her condition became “critical”. She was expecting her second child and was bleeding profusely. MLA Thiamsanga was soon notified about the situation and he rushed to perform a cesarian surgery on her at Champai Hospital.

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The family of the woman was first planning to take her to Aizawl, the state capital, which is nearly 200 km away and around 10 hours drive from Champhai. She could have died during the journey as she was already in a compromised condition.

“I am an MLA and it is my duty to look after the welfare of my people. And since I am also a doctor, I hardly care for the territorial jurisdiction of my constituency when it is about treating people who are in need of immediate medical attention,” The New Indian Express quoted him saying.

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Both the mother and the baby are reportedly doing well.

We salute MLA Thiamsanga for his exceptional deed!

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