Mithali Raj, ‘Sachin Tendulkar Of Women’s Cricket’ Is The First Indian To Score 5000 Runs

A big day for Indian cricket, but between Dhonis and Kohlis, we forget the women who continue to make us proud.

Indian skipper Mithali Raj became the first Indian cricketer to complete 5000 runs in One-day internationals and in the process she became the second women cricketer to achieve this feat after Charlotte Edwards of England.


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But there is hardly a ripple in the Indian media.

Just because the player is Mithali Raj and cricket is only for men?


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But, by now Mithali has learned to live with the indifference and bias of the Indian media.

  • How many people know that Mithali has the highest Test score of 214 in women’s cricket?
  • How many Indians know that Mithali has an average of 48.54 in One-Day Internationals?
  • How many Indians know that Mithali had led the Indian cricket team to the finals during the 2005 World Cup?
  • How many people know that at the 2013 Women’s World Cup, she starred as the No.1 Cricketer?

Well, that’s not her complete achievements. There’s a lot more to Mithali Raj than you ever thought you knew.

Wherein our country, every politician talks about women empowerment, we should definitely have Women Premier League, so as to encourage more women of the country to participate in the games.

Shouldn’t we?

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