Mithali Raj’s Silent Reply To Trolls Who Slut Shamed Her For A Dress Is Applause Worthy!

The world is a scary place. The virtual world is the scariest place. With self-proclaimed Twitter sheriffs (read as trolls) at every point, it is difficult to draw the meaning of the word ‘liberty.’ Something similar had happened with the fierce Mithali Raj when she was trolled for posting a picture where she was sweating. But her reply was proof that there’s no way any troll can get to Mithali.

And then when we thought that she had shut them up for a long time, she was very illogically slammed for putting up a picture wearing a tank top. 


And now, after maintaining a period of dignified silence, Mithali finally came out with the most subtle dig for her haters.

The lady instead of stooping to their levels decided to tweet another picture of herself wearing a ‘completely covered’ full sleeved, turtle neck dress and threw the most subtle but sarcastic caption ever.


As soon as Mithali posted the picture, Twitter broke into a love war and people started showering her with all the affection.

1. Very much!


2. Take a bow, my queen!


3. No matter what we say.



4. This is so heart warming!


5. Always!


6. Leaving an impact on young minds!


7. Someone just stole my words.


8. Agree, right?


9. I second that!


10. Something important to remember!


In a recent telephonic interview with Times Now, Mithali also cleared her stand by coming forward and saying that what she wears is her choice and NO ONE can put her down.

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“I am clearly a very independent woman and I do not need someone to tell me how to dress. Just because he (referring to trolls) has voiced his opinion does not mean that it has to affect me. Like he has the freedom of choice to express himself, I also have the freedom to react or not.”


Sure, this lady had the most passive and destroying reactions for all the trolls. Mithali’s tweet stands testimony to the fact that she is not bothered by other people’s opinions of herself. She’s here to slay and the world has so much to learn from her.

Take a bow, Mithali!