Mithali Raj Royally SHUTS DOWN A Troll Who Tries To Shame Her For Sweaty Armpits!

mithali raj

Mithali Raj, the captain of Indian women cricket team, is the new Captain Cool. Be it her calm, composed self that speaks volumes about her sportsman spirit or her brazen candour to tackle double standard (and sexist questions), Mithali has been there and done it all.

How can I say that? Well, you’ll see.

It so happened that Mithali Raj took to Twitter to share a moment from her glorious day. 



While it looks like the ‘Captain Cool’ had a ball with some fine women of cricket, a Twitter troll tried to shame Mithali for her sweaty armpits.



But the woman of the hour is not one to sit and sulk. She took down the hater and how!

“I m where I m because I sweated it out on the field! I see no reason 2 b ashamed f it.”



And now, unsurprisingly, the internet is bowled over by her candour. 

1. Damn right, she is!


2. Well put.


3. The question is- WHEN?


4. I know I am.


5. My thought exactly!

If I haven’t said this already, you’re an inspiration Mithali. Never change. Please?

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