Indians Slam Australian Cricketer Mitchell Marsh For Keeping His Feet On Top Of WC Trophy

Here in India, we tend to respect several objects that are meaningful or earned by hard work. We do not keep books on the ground or touch them with our feet. We hold trophies, medals, degrees and certificates as high as we can. We do not let our uniforms stain and we ask for forgiveness if our feet touch something valuable.

This is probably why several Indians were left angered and disappointed after seeing a picture of Australian cricketer Mitchell Marsh resting his feet on top of the Cricket World Cup Trophy that Australia won on Sunday after defeating India by 6 wickets in the finals which took place in Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium.

Several Indians criticized Mitchell Marsh for being disrespectful of the trophy. Here in India, we have seen cricketers holding the trophy over their heads, kissing it and not trying to let it touch the ground. For Indians, cricket is religion and the world cup trophy is like an idol to be worshipped.

However, we cannot expect Australians to live by what is predominantly Indian culture. For them cricket is a sport to be played, not a religion to be followed. A trophy is meant to be won, not worshipped. Several Indians pointed out how it is ridiculous to shame the Australian cricketer for keeping his feet on top of the trophy. After all, it is their trophy – they can do anything they want with it.

What are your views regarding this incident?

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