As Search Continues For Missing Navy Pilot, His Witty Wedding Invite To Senior Goes Viral


Indian army and navy officers report for duty every day bearing in mind that there is always a chance for them to never return or go missing. Same is the case with Indian Navy’s Commander Nishant Singh, pilot of a MiG-29K fighter trainer jet, who recently went missing after an accident over the Arabian Sea, reports The New Indian Express. An extensive search operation is currently ongoing.

Amidst such chaos, Commander Nishant Singh’s witty wedding leave permission letter to his senior Commanding Officer has gone viral. The letter was written on May 9, 2020, and was titled “Permission to bite the bullet”, reports India Today.

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“I intend to drop a nuclear one (bomb) on myself and I realise that just like all the split-second decisions we take up in the air in the heat of combat, I cannot afford to allow myself the luxury of time to re-evaluate my decision,” the letter began.

Moving on, the navy pilot wrote, “On successful completion of three years of extensive SCTT (Survivability and Compatibility Testing Trials), Miss Nayaab Randhawa and I have come to a mutual agreement that we might actually be able to get through the rest of our lives together, without killing each other.”


The letter ended with him inviting the Commanding Officer, seeking his blessings.

“I also hope you will be willing to please personally witness the massacre and pay condolences to the couple.”

Signing off, he wrote, “Used to yours but now, Her’s faithfully.”


Read the full letter here:

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The news of the pilot going missing was posted on Twitter by the official spokesperson of the Indian Navy.

People online are praying for a miracle and the safe return of the pilot. Here’s what they said:


We hope and pray that Commander Nishant Singh is found. We wish his family strength during such tough times.

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