15 Things Your Friends Say When You Miss Out On That Famous Movie


Movie Buffs: Movies are life dude. I never miss out on good films. I refer to IMDB often and I literally breathe movies. Spending money on good films is a good investment.

Non-movie buffs: I missed PK and also Haider. Didn’t have time yaa. 🙁 How good are these movies?

When both these kinds of people meet, it can sometimes go off beat. Some people are not into films and some people are totally into it. Look at the reactions the former kind gets from the latter kind.

1. What? You haven’t seen THIS movie? Shame on you!

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2. Your life is a waste

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 Yeah, like this movie was everything in the world.


3. I disown you for not watching this film

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 When did you own me?


4. You live in the land of Bollywood, how are you still breathing?

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 Are you seriously telling me India is made up of only Bollywood?


5. You are not living your life buddy. Don’t waste your life like that!

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6. Kya kiya fir life mein?

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7. Somebody please slit my throat. Kill me

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 Okay, you want me to do it now?


8. Please remind me to give you the movie or else I will be ashamed of myself

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9. Mockingly ask, “Honey Singh ke gaane sune hai fir tune?”

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Burn level acid. No not the one that you eat.


10. How am I even friends with you?

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 Because I am awesome?


11. Which alien village are you from?

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12. You’re kidding, right?

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 Nope, I am serious. Look, look at my face. 😀


13. After a blank stare…. Forget it! Just forget it!

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 Okay then.


And now you will never understand our inside jokes related to the movie!

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Alright then!

That’s pretty much the scene everywhere when you miss out on that big film that is the talk of the town. That’s okay, you can’t always have or watch everything in life, but what you can do is enjoy everything that you can. 🙂

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