Little Misha Laid Her Hands On Paints And Mommy Mira’s Dress Is Her Latest Artwork!

I think we’ve already established that Shahid Kapoor and his bundle of joy, Misha are the perfect playmates there can be. From spending the day on the field to spending the evening by the pool, the daddy-daughter duo is quite inseparable and we are not complaining!

Best times with my angel.

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But hey, do not mistake that there is no competition. Yes, Mom, Mira is not far behind in snatching the title away from Shahid and honestly, we are ardently involved in the ‘Who-does-Misha-love-most’ competition!

If you don’t know what I mean…well, you will after this.

That’s right. Even Mira doesn’t miss a chance to spend quality time with the apple of her eye, Misha. Sample this, where Mira’s eye is doing all the talking. 


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Cute, right?

Not just that. The two are quite high on the trampoline-time too! 

“I’ll be there to catch you when you fall, but I’ll also be the one to jump around with you ?”

In love? DITTO.

In fact, Mira and Misha just had a paint-date to themselves and it is the most adorable thing you’ll see in days. Why?

Because while it began with this…

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Did you notice her ice-cream shoes? *heart melts*

It ended up looking like this!

And this too.

Yep. Mother-daughter smeared with paint and colours! If this isn’t precious, then what is? Now, I don’t know about you but IMO, Mira and Misha’s playdate is kicking Shahid and Misha’s playdate’s ass! All in jest, of course!