‘Educated Girls To Be Blamed’ Union Minister’s Shocking Remark On Shraddha Walkar’s Murder

We live in a world where after a woman is sexually assaulted, people will blame the woman instead of the perpetrator. Nirbhaya was blamed for roaming around with a male friend at night in Delhi. Suzette Jordan was blamed for befriending a group of men and giving them permission to drop her home in Kolkata. Shraddha Walkar is being blamed for getting into a live-in relationship with Aftab Ameen Poonawala.

Aftab, with whom Shraddha was in a relationship for 3 years, literally strangled her to death, chopped her body into 35 pieces, and discarded them in a forest in Mehrauli. But the Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs, Kaushal Kishore, thinks that it was her fault in the first place for abandoning her parents and getting into a live-in relationship.

Live-in relationships are a “crime”, Kishore Kaushal says, and “educated girls” are to be blamed. In an interview with News18, he says:

“There has to be a proper registration to stay in a live-in relationship. If parents are not happy with the choice of partner, then the girls should first go to court and get married and then stay together.”

That’s not all. He went on to add that “educated girls” are paying the price for this “wrong practice” and that live-in relationships should be banned.

“Educated girls should be blamed as they call themselves adults and consider that they are big enough to take such major decisions. Live-in relations encourage crime. A live-in relationship is a wrong practice and is leading to crime. These ‘educated’ girls are paying for this. It should be completely banned.”

Have a look at his interview here:

His statement sparked massive outrage online. People slammed him for victim-blaming and disrespecting Shraddha Walkar instead of holding the accused Aftab Ameen Poonawala accountable.

It’s such a shame that even in 2022, despite all the awareness surrounding sexual assault and women’s rights, women are continued to blame for the crimes that are committed against them.

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