Milind Soman Says He Doesn’t Workout For More Than 15 Mins A Day, Doesn’t Hit The Gym

One would look at Milind Soman and think that he hits the gym multiple times a day or is constantly running. At 56 years of age, the man is fitter than most celebrities. However, in an interview, he revealed something about his fitness journey that would seem highly unlikely.


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According to ETimes, Milind Soman revealed that he works out for only 10-15 minutes every day, that too not at one stretch. He divides his workouts and performs them throughout the day. He also doesn’t hit the gym!

“I am also lazy but I fight it every single day to remain fit. I make sure I exercise every day. People consider me really fit but I only exercise for 10-15 minutes every day. Most people do not know this about me, I have never gone to the gym to have a workout routine. I don’t use equipment. I don’t even do 10-15 minutes in one time. I also break it through the day. If you exercise with your body weight, you begin to understand yourself better. Fight your lazy self and give yourself the time to work on yourself, so you can be a better person every day,” he said.

Can you ever imagine the man being “lazy”? But he says so himself

“The only thing I don’t like doing is waking up early. I cycle at 10 am in the morning.”


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However, Milind’s idea of “fitness” is very different from that of the rest. It isn’t about having a chiselled body or 6-pack abs. It’s doing better for yourself every day and having a healthy relationship with yourself and those around you.

“People think fitness is about 6 packs, but it is not. Even when the concept of fitness wasn’t articulated, it was my life. I was trying to get better every day at what I was doing. I realize today the foundation it set for me. It helped me understand my relationship with myself and with people around me, all came from being a competitive swimmer. Today I understand the importance of that. The calmness I get from it, my ability to perceive situations in a balanced way. That’s fitness. To see things positively, so you can move on in a better way. So it’s in the mind.”

Exercising, in a way, challenges the body and the mind. You learn how to push yourself and be comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable. When you work out consistently, you not only will see a change in your body but also in your mindset. It won’t matter how much you weigh on the scale. You will be miles ahead in confidence and mental peace.

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