Every Indian Must Listen To What Milind Soman Had To Say After Finishing His Great Run!

Milind Soman.

This man is on a roll. His unbelievable physique has been making generations of men jealous and his barefoot runs are giving people all over the country encouragement to get fit .

But that’s not all this man has to say.

Milind Soman was approached by the press after he finished the Great India Run from Ahmedabad to Mumbai and he made it very clear what he feels about the plight of athletes in India and what needs to be done to make things better around here.

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“If all us, put efforts into just being the best that we can be, there is nothing to stop India from being┬áNo.1 on the world map.”


He also added what is our responsibility as an Indian citizen to make things better.

“IT Is Upto Us to take interest in the country’s future. It’s not just upto the government to do it for us.

Thank you Milind, for inspiring us with your words as well as actions.