Milind Soman And Ankita Konwar’s Honeymoon In Gorgeous Hawaii Is As Unique As Their Wedding

milind soman honeymoon

A lot of hearts were broken across the country when news of Milind Soman’s marriage came out. Well, no use crying over spilt milk now. He’s found his soulmate and there couldn’t be a better match ever. Beau Ankita ran with his heart and he was more than happy to let her. And their gorgeous wedding gave out such beautiful pictures that I can’t help but reluctantly put aside my jealousy and be happy for these two.

Just look at them, so obviously in love!

But now they’ve been posting pictures from their honeymoon in Hawaii and honestly, it’s a bit much than my heart can handle. See for yourself:

1. Day 1: They arrived and got right down to their usual antics.

2. Even in Hawaii, staying fit is a priority for these two.

3. Vacation gaols.

4. Here they are, just hanging around.

5. That view though!

6. Hiking on honeymoon? Check.

7. Just drop dead gorgeous view.

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I love climbing hills. Love the tiny bruises that I get from small shrubs, what we call a jungle nowadays. These are the little things that remind me of my true self. Nature had a big role to play in what I am today. It taught me how to be unapologetically me. It taught me to love every freckle on my body, every mark, every scar. It taught me how to love myself without a fancy dress and heels or diamonds. In its simplicity I learnt how to accept my true reflection. Accept yourself the way you are. Because, if you don’t love yourself how do you expect anyone else to do so? Oh and try not hiding that face behind make up otherwise who would know that unique you? #selflove #grateful #outdoorlovers #hawaii Pic @milindrunning #theultrahusband

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8. Beach vibes.

9. Yum!

10. And here’s the happy couple.

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Beach bums ! Pic : reluctant tourist

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This couple keeps redefining relationship norms with everything they do. From shutting down the many voices that questioned the age difference between the two of them, to their unique wedding, they prove that they march to their own tune. And this honeymoon just proves it again. While many would just laze around or go on shopping sprees at this time, Milind and Ankita have set a new tone with their runs and hikes. Have a great life, you two!

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