Milind Soman On His Nude Pic Controversy: “99% Of People Were Like-This Is Amazing!”

Milind Soman and his nude birthday run by the beach in Goa attracted a lot of eyeballs and equally irked many last year. Let me refresh your memory if this didn’t ring a bell.

The Bollywood actor and fitness promoter posted a nude picture from his birthday run on the beach clicked by his wife Ankita Konwar. This was followed by a lot of flak and even an FIR against him for obscenity.

However, that didn’t affect him at all. In fact, he thinks that if someone doesn’t like the content, they shouldn’t watch it. In a recent interview with Times Of India, the 55-year-old opened up about dealing with negativity and trolling online.

“I don’t really notice trolls. Sometimes I look for it, just for fun’s sake. Even if you look at that (nude) picture, it is not really trolling. I know what is trolling. When I see some people and the response, they get on social media, I really wonder how does it affect their mental health. Because it is such an attack. It is hard to digest when thousands of people are fermenting negativity. I really wonder how they deal with it.”

Commenting on his nude photo controversy, Milind said, “I don’t know why! It was like people never saw anybody naked before, it is crazy!”

“Even for my nude picture, 99% of people were like, WOW! This is amazing! And it was shot by my wife, it was not like some photographer was hired or some newspaper shot it. I think people were just a little bit shocked especially those who are new to Internet culture as these people are not exposed to what’s already on the Internet which is basically the real world.”

“For those, I think my picture was a wake-up call. Search the hashtag naked on Instagram and there will be 10 million posts. It’s just that people have not seen it.”

Milind again reiterated that if he was violating any policies, Instagram would have flagged it. Further shedding light on Indian culture, the Indian supermodel said, “Indian culture is so huge, diverse and inclusive. I have traveled a lot, spoken to people, and lived with people from different regions in different states and you will never know what Indian culture is. The problem is that people think whatever my house, my family does is a good culture, and what others do that’s American. So, for them let me share that in America, it is illegal to be nude.”

“And in most places in India, it is not. I feel this is Indian culture. In the West, it is not allowed, it’s a shame, but I mean come on social media is a different world altogether anyway. If Instagram had a problem with it, they would have voted. Insta also has its own laws and regulations. For me, this is how society is, where everybody has an opinion but again the opinions should not affect anyone,” he signed off.

Clearly, Milind isn’t guilty and apologetic of his post and surely handles the negativity online very maturely. What do you think of this? Tell us.

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