Mika Singh Turns Messiah For Struggling Savi Sidhu, Offers Him A Role In Bipasha Basu Starrer ‘Aadat’

Its been exactly a week since the news of former Bollywood actor Savi Sidhu, working as a security guard in a building in Malad, broke our hearts. The actor who was once a part of well-known Bollywood films like ‘Black Friday’, ‘Gulaal’ and ‘Patiala House’, fell victim to severe health problems which took him away from the big screen.

To pile upon the misery, the passing of his wife, father, and mother in quick succession put his life in turmoil. Speaking to Film Companion, Sidhu had revealed his desire to return to Bollywood, someday.

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Roughly a week since his interview surfaced online, Sidhu’s stars are shining already!

According to India Today, singer Mika Singh has come forward to help the struggling man. In an extremely heartwarming gesture, Mika sent a car to bring Sidhu to his house and offered him good food and clothes, to begin with.

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However, the real act of kindness came when Mika signed him for a role in his upcoming production, Bhushan Patel’s Aadat, which stars Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu in the lead roles. Speaking about the same, Sidhu mentioned that he will start working with Mika in the next 10 days.

“After a few days, I received a call from him, and I thought it was a prank. Mika was direct. You are not doing this job anymore, you are joining my group. The next day, he sent a car to take me to his house. He gave me some new clothes and food. I start working with him in the next 10 days”

In a bid to pull Sidhu out of his woes Mika asked Aadat director Bhushan Patel and writer Vikram Bhatt to rework the script and include a role for him. Apart from this, Mika also recommended Sidhu for some other roles and the position of an acting coach.

Throwing light on why he gave Sidhu a platform, the 41-year-old playback singer said that it was a small token of support from a Punjabi to another Punjabi. According to Mika, he was heartbroken to see a talented actor living the life of a watchman with a meagre salary.

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“I found it odd that a talented actor who has worked in big films and with big directors had to take up the job of a watchman for Rs 9000 a month. Being a Punjabi and from the same fraternity as him, I wanted to help. It was surprising that no one was offering him work, even a small role would surely be better than a watchman’s job.”

While we wish Savi Sidhu all the luck for his second innings in Bollywood; we also thank Mika Singh from the bottom of our heart for his incredible act of humanity.

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