Video: Mika Singh’s Car Breaks Down In Mumbai Rains At 3 AM, Hundreds Come To His Aid

Bollywood singer Mika Singh and TV actress Akanksha Puri were present at the Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar’s wedding reception on Sunday. But as they were returning from the function at 3 AM, their car broke down amid a heavy downpour and damaged roads in Mumbai.

Capturing the situation, a paparazzo said, “Jab Mika paaji ki car band hoti hai, toh itne log help karne aa jaate hain, Mumbai city (When Mika’s car breaks down, this is how many people show up to help him out in Mumbai city).” The video shows a huge crowd gathered around his car who had come out to help him, HT reports. Check it out:

As he reaches out for a comment from the singer, Mika says, “Kam se kam 200 log hain (There are at least 200 people here).” The stars applaud the fans as they cheer them on despite being drenched in water. The paparazzo adds, “Raat ko 3 baje guys (It’s 3 am).”

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Later, Mika Singh re-shared the video on his Instagram stories writing, ‘Yes, Mumbaikars are the best.’

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