Video Shows A Group Of Men Fighting For Biscuits Amid COVID-19 At A Railway Station In Bihar

The coronavirus has turned our lives upside-down. However, most of us are lucky that we are able to spend our quarantine time with our family in the comfort of our houses. But while some of us are busy gramming pictures of homemade food and relishing on our favourite snacks, there are others who are struggling for a decent meal.

And this video shared by a journalist named Narendra Nath Mishra shows what a majority of people in the country are going through in these tough times.

The heart-wrenching video filmed at Katihar railway station in Bihar shows a group of migrant workers grappling over a sack of biscuits, reports The Times Of India.

Here’s what people thought of the incident:

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This is not the only instance reflecting the impact the coronavirus lockdown on the poor. Earlier, a man was seen drinking milk spilt on the road. It’s disturbing to see how a huge chunk of India’s population is fighting a battle against hunger during Covid-19 lockdown. Hope this tragedy ends soon.

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