Migrant Workers Quarantined In Rajasthan School Paint Its Walls To Thank Helpful Locals

Amidst the national lockdown, many migrant workers have been unable to return home. As most of them are daily wage earners, they have also been facing a scarcity of funds and food. Which is why, people are coming forward to help them in any manner they can.

According to News18, 54 labourers from Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar were given shelter at two schools (Shaheed Sitaram Kumawat and Seth KL Tambi Government Higher Secondary) in Palsana, Sikar (Rajasthan). While in quarantine, locals in the area took care of them and gave them food.

To repay their kindness, the workers painted the school walls that hadn’t been whitewashed in 9 years and didn’t charge for their services.

Times Now News reports that when they spoke to Sarpanch Roop Singh Shekhawat about their idea, he obtained the necessary permissions, and the teachers contributed money to buy paints, brushes, etc. The Sarpanch was quoted saying,

“The entire village is overwhelmed by their behaviour. All these people are perfectly healthy and their quarantine time is also over. It is joyful to see the constructive work done by the workers who have used the quarantine period beautifully.”

Twitter lauded their heartwarming gesture and called them COVID-warriors.

Between all the deaths, uncertainty and negativity, it is great to see people helping other people without expecting anything in return. Kudos!

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