Migrant Steals Cycle To Ferry Disabled Child Home, Explains Helplessness In Apology Note

Several daily wage workers have been stranded far away from their homes amid the lockdown. With a lack of income and scarcity of food, workers are walking thousands of km to just go back to their native place. However, they are facing several hardships while traveling on foot.

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Recently, in a desperate attempt to return home, a migrant worker stole a bicycle in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur to embark on a 250-kilometer journey back home in Bareilly, reports News18.  However, the man, who had a disabled child with him, left behind an apology note for the owner.

Have a look at his heartbreaking letter: 

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Mohammad Iqbal stole the cycle from Rarah village from the house of Sahab Singh, reports Hindustan Times. After taking the cycle, he left a note expressing his helplessness to the rightful owner.

The note read,

“Main majdoor hun, majboor bhi. Main aapka gunehgar hu. Aapki cycle lekar ja raha hu. Mujhe maaf kar dena. Mujhe Bareily tak jana he. Mere pass koi sadhan nahi he aur viklang baccha hai.”

Singh said that he noticed the letter while sweeping the veranda of his house. Many people were heartbroken to see the migrant’s helplessness.

People expressed sorrow over the worker’s heartwarming apology letter:

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It breaks our heart to see migrant workers suffering like this. Thankfully, individuals are putting in their best to help migrants during these troubled times. Like, recently, actor Sonu Sood arranged for the transportation of workers in Maharashtra and a BBC journalist helped a worker traveling barefoot. Well, kudos to such people for giving us hope amid the pandemic.

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