Migrant Boy Gets Kicked By A Man For Leaning On His Car, So Businessman Takes Him For A Drive

Last month, a video from Kerala went viral online that showed a man kicking a 6-year-old boy Ganesh, the child of a migrant worker from Rajasthan. His fault? Well, the kiddo was just leaning on the guy’s vehicle at Thalassery, reported the Times Of India.

Furious by Ganesh for just touching his car, the 20-year-old guy named Mohammed Shihad kicked the boy and hit him on his head. The little boy, who used to sell balloons to earn a living, sustained injuries on his back. The entire incident was captured on a CCTV installed nearby.

The people present there confronted the man and cops were called on him. Shihad was arrested the next morning and he remained in judicial custody for 14 days. This heartbreaking video highlights that there are such evil human beings plaguing our society.

But, for every cruel person, there is a noble soul that keeps our faith intact in humanity.

After this sad video went viral, a businessman named Tony Varkichan from Kottayam extended his hand to the young fellow and decided to give him and his family a free ride in his luxury car, said a report by The New Indian Express.

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The entire migrant family had a lifetime experience of going across the city. Ganesh and his siblings also stuck their heads out of the sunroof of the car to get a better view of the city. Their huge smiles reflected how happy they were.

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Talking to the media, Tony said, “After the video of the six-year-old boy being brutally kicked by a young man for leaning on his car went viral on social media, we couldn’t hold back as the incident touched our hearts.”

“The happiness of the boy and the family while stepping into the car was one of the most precious moments I had in my entire life.”

Tony and Ganesh’s family had a gala time together in Kozhikode city. They were treated to good food, clothes, and were given financial assistance that would last them the next three months. Tony has also planned to take them to their hometown. But due to some technical issues, they had to drop the plan.

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Speaking of this episode, Ganesh’s family members said, “We wanted to go back to our native place after the Thalassery incident. We came to Kerala thinking that we would be able to earn money for our survival but the place has become a bit scary now.”

Kudos to those people who circulated Ganesh’s earlier video and got the culprit behind bars. Also, props to Tony for turning the boy’s tragedy into a beautiful experience.

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