People Online Prove How Middle-Class They Are By Revealing Their Everyday Jugaads!

If you have grown up middle-class, you would know that there are certain usools we live by:
1) Food is never meant to be wasted.
2) Never pay for dhaniya.
3) Use a product till there is nothing left of it to use.

For example, we can turn old plastic bottles into planters or pen-stands, we can turn old clothes into cushion covers, and we can use a worn-out teddy bear’s synthetic cotton to stuff those cushion covers. Yes, that’s how jugaadu we are.

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And people online are talking about exactly that. After one Twitter user asked others, “How middle-class are you”, while showing off her facewash tube cut into half to scoop out the remaining, others shared their versions of middle-class jugaad.

From using a belan to squeeze out toothpaste from the tube to using soap instead of facewash, many middle-class people online showed how to use things to their full potential!

I have absolutely zero regrets for being middle-class. I have quick and easy solutions for almost everything and I end up saving a lot of money at the end of the day!

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