Someone Online Asked Desis To Show How Middle-Class They Are With Pics, Twitter Responded

When you grow up middle-class, you will often find yourself treading on thin lines that separate practicality and jugaad, the past and the future, and common sense and nonsense. For example, cutting a tube of moisturiser just to finish the product till its entire existence is wiped out is a middle-class thing. Does it make sense? No. Do we do it anyway? Yes.

Now, let’s talk about the thin line that separates the past and the future. There are certain things and habits that have survived the tides of time. And people online have been revealing the ones which have with pictures. Have a look:

I might be biased, but this floor feels homelier than any glossy marble.

We all have this stainless steel spoon, don’t we?

Katori mein barf and the tiring effort of breaking a piece of ice from the whole.

These iconic slippers!

And the logic behind it…

My grandma’s delicate crockery has been reserved for the Queen.

These are the most comfortable. Period.

Who else has a plastic-wrapped remote lying somewhere in their home?

And jab peeche ka khul jaye…

Where else do you keep those large trolley bags IDK.

How else do you plan on sitting on your terrace?

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Ah, the memories!

Do we need to change the batteries?


THAT brown cello tape!

Our first TV!

Because, why waste?


Practicality = 1, Aesthetics = 0.

To keep your TV screens dust-free.

Dimaag dekh rahe ho?

…I don’t understand the logic behind it.

What are some of the classic middle-class tendencies that you have grown up with? Tell us!

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