Man Surprises GF On Air India Flight With A Sweet Proposal, ‘Love Is In The Air’ Say Desis

After the news of India’s VP at Wells Fargo urinating on an elderly woman on an Air India flight made headlines, the flag carrier airline of India found itself in a bad light. The internet was full of people calling out the airline stating that they would boycott travelling via them.

Here’s another incident that happened inside another Air India flight en route to Mumbai, but this one is being shared online for all the right reasons.

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Taking to LinkedIn, a man named Ramesh Kotnana shared the visual of a heartwarming proposal mid-air that had people swooning.

In the video, one can see a man walking on the aisle of the aircraft with a pink poster that read, “I could walk forever and a mile with you. Would you like to walk with me?”

This guy was walking towards the love of his life who was traveling on the same flight from London to Mumbai via Hyderabad. The enthusiastic and nervous man took the help of the crew members and planned this romantic proposal for his girl. He went near her seat and shocked her by popping the question. The girl was taken aback by his presence and this surprise.

On seeing him, the girl sitting on the window seat came out to the aisle. This is when the guy went down on his knees and presented her with the engagement ring. She happily wore it and expressed her willingness to marry the guy.

They then hugged out hard and made everyone on the flight go ‘awww’. One can also hear the other passengers lauding and cheering for the couple. Sharing the video, Ramesh wrote:

“Marriage Proposal Made in Heaven. Love is in the Air. Wedding bells were ringing for a couple onboard an #AirIndia flight to #Mumbai when a man got down on one knee mid-air and proposed to his #fiancee, who was taken aback by the romantic gesture.” (sic)

Watch the video here:

According to DNA, the man took the help of a cabin crew member who was an acquaintance of his close friend.

“Being an Air India employee volunteering to assist pax travelling on our Airline is our responsibility. My niece approached me that his friend wants to propose to his to be fiancée inside the aircraft who was travelling on Air India LHR/HYD/BOM and so the boy also booked the AI flight BOM/HYD/BOM on 2.1.2023 without her knowledge,” Hindustan Times quoted the crew member who assisted the couple.

To surprise his fiance, the guy booked the same flight from London-Hyderabad-Mumbai so that he could execute the romantic marriage proposal.

People online thought it was the sweetest proposal.

There might be a couple of disappointing Air India stories floating online right now, but this one is a heartwarming diversion from all that.

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